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The nature® variety

Earmolds for RIC fitting

bachmaier Otoplastiken nature

We manufacture our nature® models for all hearing aid manufacturers and brands – wether with or without bushings.

Its name says it all.

Made and designed for fitting with RIC, our nature® product lines offer the full range of options, supports and possibilities. If, for example, nature® classic is made from our thermo-flexible material, the result is an earmold of the absolute top class. This is because an extremely small and feather-light design can be realized without any additional built-in part thanks to the most filigree workmanship – for a wearing sensation that could not be more natural.

Nature® product lines

As small as an RIC earmold may be, the different requirements for fitting are just as great. For this reason, we have expanded our proven nature® RIC range to include the nature® basic and nature® plus product lines. Together with additional materials, numerous options and special shapes, there are now a wide variety of fitting options.

You can find a summary overview of all nature® products here:

bachmaier Otoplastiken nature
nature® classic

Premium RIC fitting

For a perfectly fitted nature® classic earmold, we offer you both proven and numerous new choices.

bachmaier Otoplastiken nature
nature® basic

Basic RIC fitting

The high fitting accuracy in the usual nature® finish is combined with a cost-optimized surface.

bachmaier Otoplastiken nature
nature® plus

Premium RIC fitting

The larger design provides additional support and increased sealing, allowing more flexibility in fitting.


Depending on customer requirements and product line, we manufacture a nature® earmold from thermo-flexible PU or rigid acrylic.


Our premium material thermo-flex is supple, elastic and extremely robust. The surface is satin finished.


Our rigid material is crystal clear, resistant and extremely durable. The surface is compacted, ground and polished in a standard mass finishing process. This process ensures an extremely shatter-proof, dirt-repellent surface and a high-quality polish in a brilliant high-gloss finish. Lacquering or glazing can be ordered as an option.

Materials in detail


We execute all nature® supports as discreetly as possible. All functional edges are additionally processed after digital modeling and optimized down to the smallest detail. This gives our products their incomparable momentum.

bachmaier Otoplastiken nature, Aufzählung SymbolWithout retention
bachmaier Otoplastiken nature, Aufzählung SymbolShort hook
bachmaier Otoplastiken nature, Aufzählung SymbolClaw
bachmaier Otoplastiken nature, Aufzählung SymbolRing

nature® retentions in detail


For a perfectly fitted nature® earmold, we offer you numerous new selection options and special shapes.

nature® options in detail

Small Masterpieces 1.0

Only from both together – from honest craftsmanship and high-quality materials – individual earmolds with quality, soul and sense can be created.

The most important connection...

With a host of sophisticated technologies, today’s hearing aids are some of the most amazing mini-computers around. Barely visible sizes, smartphone control, Bluetooth connectivity and long battery life have fundamentally changed the way people think about hearing aids: They are no longer just hearing aids. Rather, they are personal assistance devices that make everyday life easier and offer added value. Despite all these features and benefits, one thing must not be forgotten: The most important link between all the exciting technology and the human being will always remain the earmold. The industrially prefabricated and almost inflationary used mass product dome or umbrella is not a satisfactory solution for the optimal fitting. Only with the help of a custom-made earmold and the indispensable craft of a hearing aid acoustician can this connection be precisely matched to the individual ear. To strengthen this form of fitting, we have expanded our proven nature® RIC program to include the nature® basic and nature® plus product lines.

5 advantages of a nature® otoplasty

compared to domes

+ 01

nature® is adapted to the ear - not the other way around. This is the only way to ensure a consistant contact between the ear and the earpiece. A dome, on the other hand, fits the ear and can lead to pressure points due to the forces acting on the skin.

+ 02

The nature® earmold fits like a glove in the ear because it is made to measure. A secure and comfortable fit is therefore guaranteed. Domes can slip out of the ear canal, especially when the jaw moves.

+ 03

nature® ensures an optimal acoustic seal, as the opening can be individually placed in the earpiece and subsequently modified. With domes, small leaks can cause acoustic feedback and thus annoying whistling.

+ 04

With a nature® earmold, it is possible to define exactly where in the ear canal the sound leaves the earmold If a dome slips even minimally, sound and volume are lost because the sound exit is no longer directed directly at the eardrum.

+ 05

The combination of high-quality materials and delicate workmanship promise durability, lightness and a natural listening experience. Domes, on the other hand, do not have a long service life, as they are really only intended as a temporary solution.

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