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bachmaier Highlights – neue Gehörschutzprodukte, Kooperation mit ISOtunes

New generation of hearing protection

ISOtunes and bachmaier® have joined forces to present the next generation of hearing protection: ISOtunes hearing protection with custom-made earmolds, the bachmaier plugs. ISOtunes' Bluetooth-enabled hearing protection solutions create a perfect connection that balances protection, functionality and communication, taking everyday life, leisure and work to a whole new level. The bachmaier plugs ensure an optimal fit and offer maximum comfort, even when worn for long periods of time. Discover for yourself.

Discover now (to ISOtunes XTRA)

May 2023

bachmaier Highlights – new company building in Bischofswiesen

Successful move to Bischofswiesen

After three years of planning and more than one year of construction, our new company building in the Pfaffenfeld II industrial estate in Bischofswiesen was completed. On an area of about 1,600 sqm, a modern building with an open space concept and four equally sized areas was created: Manufacturing, Admin, Warehouse and Social Area. A groundwater heat pump and photovoltaic system on the roof ensure a climate-friendly energy supply for the building. Here you can learn everything about our construction project.

Oktober 2022

bachmaier Highlights – Unilink insert part

NEW: The unilink insert part for the nature® earmold

unilink connects every RIC safely and reliably to a nature earmould - regardless of the hearing aid manufacturer. The unilink insert part, which was specially developed for frequent insertion and removal of the RIC The special feature: the internal geometry allows any ex-hearing instrument in one of the model sizes S, M or P to be accommodated. Discover all unilink details.

March 2022

bachmaier Highlights – Rigid redefined

New standard: Mass finished / high-gloss earmolds

All rigid earmolds are compacted, ground and polished as standard in a 3-step mass finishing process. This homogeneous surface treatment is a process specially adapted to our material. Because only the right setting and the perfect "recipe" create extremely fracture-resistant, dirt-repellent surfaces and a high-quality polish in a brilliant high-gloss finish. Learn more here.

November 2021

bachmaier Marketing Portal – Groundbreaking at a lofty height

Groundbreaking at a lofty height

The time has come! Together with planner and construction manager Matthias Schulmayr (PLAN MAS GmbH), Katharina Irlinger (project management construction) and Fabian Kubicke gave the official starting signal for the construction of our new company building in Bischofswiesen. Stay up to date here.

August 2021

bachmaier Marketing Portal – Time for a smile.

New: The bachmaier® marketing portal

Just like our products, the associated marketing should leave nothing to be desired. In order to support our partners simply and free of charge with professional marketing material, we have created the bachmaier® marketing portal. Get a smile on your face and choose here the right marketing material for your next campaign!

July 2021

The bachmaier® catalogue 2021

On more than 130 pages we present our novelties and proven bachmaier® products. Experience the unique diversity of our earmould range, immerse yourself in the fascinating In Ear world and discover the benefits of the bachmaier® shop, which offers a comprehensive range of products for everyday acoustician needs.

December 2020

Generation change 1.0

After 33 exciting, successful and fascinating years Bernd Kubicke says goodbye to the top at bachmaier®. His son Fabian Kubicke will take over the management of the company on 1 January 2020. In the course of the company succession the partnership bachmaier GmbH & Co. KG was converted into the corporation bachmaier GmbH. Fabian Kubicke is the sole shareholder and at the same time managing director. For employees and customers everything remains as usual - all rights and obligations of bachmaier GmbH & Co. KG were taken over. We look forward to a good and successful cooperation!

January 2020

New material: HEAROS made of ThermoFlex

This premium material is now also available for the shell of all custom HEAROS. bachmaier® is the first manufacturer to use this material for In Ears as well. The special thing: This HEAROS premium material is rigid at room temperature and becomes soft and flexible when worn in the ear. The material thus fits perfectly to the ear canal. Even over a long period of time, a natural wearing comfort is guaranteed and the perfect sound experience is guaranteed! ThermoFlex is also very robust and therefore withstands even the toughest conditions that headphones can be exposed to.

December 2019

Shockingly NEW!

All CUSTOMFIT noise and hearing protection products are now available in our new silicone colour GLOW. The special feature: The soft, flexible material charges up in natural or artificial light and glows in the dark. Deliverable in soft and super-soft!

October 2019

Three days - one mission!

We look back on a great EUHA 2019 where we presented our HEAROS innovations. The interest in our In Ears was tremendous again, our booth crowded, the whole team highly motivated - and yes - even the HEAROS beer was highly sought-after till the last bottle!

Thank you Nuremberg!

October 2019

Cleansing series in a new design

We have developed a new design with a consumer-friendly application concept for our oto-fresh® cleansing and care series. The products have been specially developed for the effective cleansing and drying of hearing systems, earmoulds, hearing protection and In Ear Monitoring. In total there are four product lines: 1 Cleansing, 2 Tools, 3 Drying and 4 Care. All products are optimally matched to each other and can be easily combined with each other.

Discover now: www.bachmaier.de/oto-fresh!

Have fun reading!

October 2017

Quiet, reliable and safe.

The new bachmaier® cord CUSTOMFIT revolutionizes the accessory segment of hearing protection! Thanks to the wide-meshed processing and hydrophobic coating of the cord, there is hardly any noise due to friction on the clothing. The connecting element between the cord and the hearing protection serves as a triggering point when the tensile load is too high and as an interruption of the sound conduction. The cord fits all earmoulds with a 2,9 mm grip hole and higher - whether rigid or soft hearing protection. Tested by PZT Wilhelmshaven - the cord meets the requirements of EU 2016/425 (triggering at tensile force) and EN ISO 352 (non-flammable materials).

All further properties and details on: www.bachmaier.de/cord

May 2019

HEAROS Homepage 2.0

3, 2, 1 ... go live! Our HEAROS homepage shines in new splendour and scores with a new structure and lots of additional information. Our In Ears are now clear divided into HEAROS for the stage and HEAROS for leisure. Look around and dive into the world of HEAROS... Have fun clicking through!

April 2019

Strong performance at EUHA 2018

We are very happy and proud of the successful presence of HEAROS at the EUHA 2018 in Hanover! Good atmosphere, interesting conversations, fantastic people and... a full refrigerator with HEAROS beer ;)

Thank you Hanover!

October 2018

New website!

With much pleasure we have worked on our homepage, so that you can find even better and faster information about us and our products. At the same time, we have integrated our online forms into our shop so that you can now order our custom-made products with your online shop access.

Have fun clicking through!

October 2018

The new PPE Regulation

Since 21 April 2018 the PPE Directive 89/686 has been repealed and replaced by the new PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425. From now on the documentation of the functional test and the training of the user is required. To make this easy and safe for you as acoustician and dealer, we have developed the online registration portal "GEHÖRSCHUTZ CHECK": www.bachmaier.de/check.

Submit. Send. Done.

April 2018

The one and only

The range of different impression materials for individual applications is becoming increasingly complex and complicated. We want to counteract this and have developed ONE compound that fits EVERY ear and application: The new oto-soft® impression material impresses with its creamy consistency, its fast curing time and its absolute shape retention. With this material you get a highly precise image of the ear and the auditory canal and thus lay the foundation for a perfect earmould!

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January 2018

The bachmaier® catalogue 18/19

With our innovations, but also with the proven bachmaier® classics, we accompany you optimally in your work as an acoustician. You haven't received a copy yet? Then you can download the catalogue as a WEB-Version (PDF) here.

Have fun reading!

October 2017

HEAROS – In Ear Monitoring

From now on you will find all bachmaier® b.IEM products under a new brand name - HEAROS. We have completely redesigned the products, perfected the driver technology, optimized the materials and made the product design customizable. Whether pastel, neon, glitter or metallic – in the HEAROS Configurator you can create your own inars from over 80 different colours, design them completely yourself and thus make them a unique product.

Discover the world of HEAROS!

July 2017

UNIFIT Hearing Protection – Resistant to any noise situation!

Different areas of application place different demands on the product and insulation properties of hearing protection. The constantly growing number of hearing protection products on the market makes it increasingly difficult to find the right protection. With only two products from our new UNIFIT series, all requirements in the field of standard hearing protection can now be met effortlessly and effectively: The hearing protection bachmaier® UNIFIT fidelity combines uniform insulation with high speech intelligibility. The hearing protection bachmaier® UNIFIT work provides high attenuation over all frequencies with optimal signal perception.

November 2016

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