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CALIBER – The ultimate True Wireless Bluetooth hearing protection for shooters

Designed specifically for hunters and shooters, the ISOtunes CALIBER hearing protection allows you to connect wirelessly to a variety of devices: Earphones for listening to music or talking on the phone when you want to, amplification like a hearing aid when it makes sense for you and hearing protection exactly when you need it.

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Sound insulation value 32 dB SNR, SafeMax™ technology (limited volume 85 dB)

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Dust, sweat and waterproof according to IP67

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Bluetooth 5.2 function for dual connection over distances of up to 9 meters

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Amplify natural sounds and muffle gunfire with Tactical Sound Control™

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Up to 13 hours of battery life + 2 additional full charges in case

Tested according to European safety standard EN 352-2:2020 and approved according to the PPE Regulation (EU)2016/425.

Customized with

Gehörschutz Komponenten

Because every ear is unique, we offer custom-made bachmaier® plugs as an optional upgrade to the standard earplugs. They offer the ideal solution for optimized wearing comfort in the ear.

If you are looking for a perfectly fitting ISOtunes hearing protection, our bachmaier® plugs are just right for you. Due to the individual fit to your ears, they ensure a secure and comfortable fit and allow for optimal wearing comfort.

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Active technology for hunters and shooters

The ISOtunes CALIBER is specifically designed for hunters and shooters who require hearing amplification for improved performance and safety in combination with electronic hearing protection. Tactical Sound Control™ (TSC) technology improves hearing by up to 8 times while protecting against extreme impulse sound in less than 2 milliseconds. Sound level-dependent technology actively channels natural, safe sounds through the product, while suppressing harmful gunshot sounds. TSC™ enables hunters and shooters to communicate, hear instructions or calls, and eavesdrop on wildlife.

Effective sound insulation

Most rifle shots produce noise levels of 150 to 170 decibels, which can quickly cause hearing damage. Protect yourself from these dangerous noise levels and ensure a safe shooting day. SafeMax™ technology limits noise to a safe 85 dB so you can hear all day long without damage.

Loading time and more

Included is a charging case with USB-C charging cable (charging current max. 5V/1A). The battery life of the hearing protectors is up to 13 hours on a single charge. Energy-efficient auto power off after 2 hours without Bluetooth connection. The charging time is about 2 hours and the standby time is about 60 hours.

Data sheet

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bachmaier plugs für ISOtunes Caliber

Fits right in your ear!

The bachmaier® plugs for ISOtunes CALIBER are precisely adapted to the shape of the ear using an impression. As a result, they are hardly noticeable and fit perfectly in the ear. The use of 100% biocompatible material guarantees a comfortable wearing experience: no pressing, no sweating, no feeling of being closed off.

How do you get your custom hearing protection?

You can get your customized bachmaier® plugs for ISOtunes CALIBER at an acoustic specialist. Please enter your address below in our store locator to find a store near you. The acoustician will make an impression of your ears by carefully placing a skin-friendly silicone impression material in your ears. After 3-5 minutes, the cured material is removed and voilà: Your ear impression is ready!

Your noise protection is then produced and manufactured by us in Bischofswiesen – the bachmaier® location in the Bavarian Alps.

Material Soft

Our 60 Shore silicone is flexible, soft and highly robust. Color: transparent | glossy

Good to know

In addition to right and left marking, you always have the option of having your name lasered onto bachmaier® plugs für ISOtunes CALIBER.

How much does a pair cost?

ISOtunes CALIBER 229,- € (RRP)
bachmaier® plugs for ISOtunes CALIBER 165,- € (RRP)
ISOtunes CALIBER + bachmaier® plugs for ISOtunes CALIBER 385,- € (RRP)

How does the customization work?

In order for us to make your customized hearing protection, we need an impression of your ears. To do this, you go to an acoustician store near you. They are specially trained and have the necessary equipment. The acoustician carefully places a skin-friendly silicone impression material into your ears. After 3-5 minutes, the hardened material is removed and voilà: Your ear impression is ready! Your hearing protection is produced and manufactured by us in Bischofswiesen, the bachmaier® location in the Bavarian Alps. In this video we show how fast and uncomplicated an ear impression works.

Store locator

You want to have your own ISOtunes hearing protection made? Here you will find all acoustic specialist shops that sell our products.

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