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Noise and Hearing Protection

We offer you an extensive portfolio for all areas of application - true to the motto: Hearing protection that fits.

CUSTOMFIT Hearing Protection

Perfect fit thanks to custom-made design. All bachmaier® CUSTOMFIT products are precisely adapted to the shape of the ear using an impression. As a result, they are hardly noticeable and sit unobtrusively in the ear. The use of 100% biocompatible material guarantees a pleasant wearing comfort: no pressure, no sweating, no feeling of being closed off. Our self-developed filters guarantee maximum hearing protection, depending on the requirements and application. The products of the bachmaier® CUSTOMFIT hearing protection series are certified according to EN 352-2 and can therefore also be worn at the workplace according to PPE guidelines.

// CUSTOMFIT bachmaier® work
// CUSTOMFIT bachmaier® fidelity
// CUSTOMFIT bachmaier® helmet
// CUSTOMFIT bachmaier® silence

UNIFIT Hearing Protection

Protects without individual adjustment. The bachmaier® UNFIT series is particularly suitable for entry into hearing protection. No ear impression is necessary for these products, as they sit comfortably and securely in every ear thanks to silicone tips and a special shape. This allows you to convince yourself quickly and easily of the protection and sound of the products. The bachmaier® UNIFIT hearing protection products are certified according to EN 352-2 and can therefore also be worn at the workplace according to PSA guidelines.

// UNIFIT bachmaier® work
// UNIFIT bachmaier® fidelity

CUSTOMFIT Noise and Water Protection

Perfect fit thanks to custom-made design. These products are also precisely adapted to the shape of the ear by means of an impression, which ensures optimum wearing comfort in combination with reliable functionality. All materials go through many stages of development and extensive testing. This guarantees that these products, too, are made only from first-class, biocompatible and skin-friendly materials. The bachmaier® CUSTOMFIT noise and waterproof products are sold without certification.

// CUSTOMFIT bachmaier® sleep
// CUSTOMFIT bachmaier® silence mini
// CUSTOMFIT bachmaier® splash

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PPE Regulation (EU)2016/425

Since April 21 2018, PPE Directive 89/686 has been repealed and replaced by the new PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425. As an acoustician, you are now required to document the functional test, train the user and provide feedback to the manufacturer. Use our checklist and report your test results to us simply and 100% PSA-conform via our Hearing Protection Check Portal.


1. Instruction // Instruct each user in the use and dangers and practice the safe use of hearing protection. The way of training is up to you.
2. Check Function // With custom-made hearing protection, always carry out a function test on the user within 6 months of delivery, regardless of whether the product is used privately or commercially. You are free to choose the test procedure.
3. Documentation // Simply document items 01 and 02 in our hearing protection check. You will then receive confirmation of your own documentation directly from us.

EC-Declaration of conformity according to Directive 89/686/EEC (Download PDF)
EU-Declaration of conformity according to Regulation (EU) 2016/425 (Download PDF)

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