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bachmaier® comm is a monitor system for voice transmission that sits inconspicuously in the ear canal. With this product, your supervisor is always in your ear, allowing you to focus 100% on your job. Available in binaural (for both ears) or monaural (for one ear).

Application areas: Moderation | Motorsport | Security

small, discreet
& comfortable

Der bachmaier® comm is custom-made exactly according to the impression of your ears and fits perfectly: No falling out and no pressure feeling! Thanks to its small size, this monitoring system is so comfortable that you hardly feel it - even if you wear a helmet.


The driver technology ensures accurate speech reproduction for maximum speech intelligibility – even in noisy environments.

comm Technology

01 Cerumen protection

Protects the earmold from contamination by cerumen.

02 Broadband BA driver

This 196 ohm driver ensures accurate voice reproduction for maximum intelligibility.

03 T2 plug connection

This sealed connector system (IPX7 protection) is resistant to welding and corrosion. It is characterized by a long service life and connects the cable to the earmold absolutely reliably - accidental disconnection is therefore impossible. The compact design of this plug-in technology also enables the extremely small and unobtrusive design of the bachmaier® comm.

04 work-filter

The earpiece is equipped with a filter hole. A filter from our work series is integrated into this.

work alpha
work I
work II
work III

SNR 31db
SNR 32db
SNR 26db
SNR 23db

Perfect fit thanks to customization.

All bachmaier® CUSTOMFIT products are precisely adapted to the shape of the ear using an impression. As a result, they are barely noticeable and sit inconspicuously in the ear. The use of 100% biocompatible material guarantees a comfortable wearing experience: no pressing, no sweating, no feeling of being closed off.

how do you get your customized monitor system?

You can get your custom-fitted bachmaier® comm at an acoustic retailer. Please enter your address below in our dealer locator to find a store near you. There, the acoustician will make an impression of your ears by carefully placing a skin-friendly silicone impression material into your ears. After 3-5 minutes, the hardened material is removed and voila: Your ear impression is ready!

Your monitor system is then produced and manufactured by us in Bischofswiesen – the bachmaier® location in the Bavarian Alps.


The shell of the bachmaier® comm is made of thermoflexible PU or robust acrylate, as desired. The faceplate is made of acrylic as standard. In addition to a right and left marking, you always have the option to have your name lasered onto the product. Available in black or transparent.

Material für bachmaier comm


Depending on your preference, the cable can run above the ear or down.

How much is a pair?

Monaural from 347,50 € (RRP)

Binaural from 695,- € (RRP)

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You want to have your own bachmaier® comm made? Here you will find all acoustic specialist shops that sell our products.

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