Willkommen bei bachmaier - dem Partner für Hörakustiker

Our values


We are independent.

As a family-run company, we have things in our own hands. With our heads above the clouds and our feet firmly on the ground, we act freely and self-determinedly, without restrictions and specifications from outside. Our ideas and our decisions are characterized by initiative, courage and entrepreneurial spirit. To always have the choice - that means freedom for us.


We love it uncomplicated.

Elegant solutions and honest products are important to us. That's why we reduce things to their core without neglecting the details. A working method characterized by great care is just as important as reliability, transparency and team spirit. We are demanding but do not take ourselves too seriously. We communicate simply and thoughtfully.


Dissatisfied for good reason.

We do not only want to change things, we want to improve them continuously. We have the courage to question previous solutions, to think in an original way, to make mistakes and even to say no sometimes - always critically, never complacently. We give our best, make clear decisions and take responsibility. We find ways - not ways out. Not being satisfied is what distinguishes us.

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