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nature® basic

Basic RIC fitting

bachmaier Otoplastiken nature

nature® basic demonstrates stylish elegance even without a lacquer finish.

// most careful finishing
// matt polished, cost optimized surface
// 100% nature® design & quality

but oho.

nature® basic combines the sophisticated design and detailed workmanship of a classic nature® earmold with sensible standard features. It is therefore the ideal product for all those who want to do without a lacquered surface, but never without the highest quality and absolute accuracy of fit.

bachmaier Otoplastiken nature
    • bachmaier Otoplastiken nature


      We manufacture nature® basic from rigid acrylate. The product undergoes the same careful process as a classic nature® earmold made of rigid material – the only difference is that at the end of the mass finishing process, the costly high-gloss polishing is dispensed with. basic earmolds are polished to a matte finish instead and are only available in transparent.


      Our rigid material is transparent, resistant and extremely durable. The surface of nature® basic is matt polished.

      Materials in detail

    • Options

      nature® basic is manufactured exclusively without support and with built-in part. For a perfectly fitted nature® basic earmold, we offer you additional selection options.

      Wall thickness

      normal | solid

      bachmaier Otoplastiken nature
      bachmaier Otoplastiken nature


      bachmaier Otoplastiken nature, Aufzählung Symbolconcha side
      bachmaier Otoplastiken nature, Aufzählung Symboltragus side
      bachmaier Otoplastiken nature, Aufzählung Symbolboth sides

      Recesses serve to ventilate sensitive ears. Significantly less heat is generated in the area of these cavities, as the skin remains free and is thus not restricted in its thermo-regulating function.

      bachmaier Otoplastiken nature


      + retrieval thread | + earwax guard | + color marking | + desired laser engraving

      All information about the nature® options, venting and temporomandibular joint recesses can be found here:

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      Analogue by mail

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      Fill out the online order form and send the impression in the bachmaier® order bag directly to us by mail. Thanks to unique barcodes on the order bags, we can assign the impression to your order and do the scanning for you. You can order the bachmaier® order bags here.

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nature® plus

Premium RIC fitting

bachmaier Otoplastiken nature
nature® basic

Basic RIC fitting

bachmaier Otoplastiken nature

Premium BTE-fitting

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