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For greater flexibility.

We offer you numerous options for a perfectly fitted BTE earmold.


Sound tube

S 1,5 x 2,5 mm

M 2,0 x 3,1 mm (Standard)

M 2,0 x 3,1 mm mit Ankerteil

L 2,0 x 3,4 mm

XL 2,0 x 4,0 mm

We use the sound tube in size M as standard - for very small ears we fit the tube in size S.

Dry tube

M 2,0 x 3,0 mm

L 2,0 x 3,5 mm



M (Standard)

Angles are not glued, but enclosed. Selectable for comfort and comfort basic.

Slim tube

For slim tube systems, please include the appropriate tube for mounting – otherwise we drill as standard so that almost any system can be mounted afterwards.


We complement our ventings with three additional options.

// high sealing

Additional waxing on the tragus increases the seal.

// stepvent

By stepping back the vent, space is created for a larger bore hole.

// // vent expandable

Enough distance between sound channel and vent bore ensures easy expansion during later fitting.

Air ball

This option facilitates the drying and blowing out of an earmold many times over. The end of the vent is provided with a hole that is matched to the air ball. This means that the air ball can be attached quickly and easily after cleaning the earmolds.

Jaw joint recess

In order to ensure an earmold fitting that is as free of occlusion and chewing noise as possible, we offer this option with all designs.

Length ear canal

You can choose between three lengths for different audiological and anatomical conditions.

Ends between the first and second kink.

Ends at the second kink. (standard)

Ends above the second kink.

bachmaier Otoplastiken folie | comfort | comfort basic

Length Cymba

This option influences the hold of a BTE earmold. You can choose between three lengths.

For sensitive customers or difficult anatomies. Low hold.

Normal hold. (standard)

Strong hold.

bachmaier Otoplastiken folie | comfort | comfort basic

Earwax recess

Existing earwax can collect in this small, funnel-shaped recess between the sound and vent channels. Plug formation and contaminated bores can thus be prevented.

We manufacture this option as standard for all BTE earmolds.

Color marking

To be able to distinguish left and right at first go, we provide our earmolds with a color marking as standard. blue = left | red = right

L 123456789
R 123456789

Desired Laser engraving

We engrave a name or number in addition to our serial number and thus mark the nature® earmold according to your individual wishes.

Max Muster
Desired name with max. 10 characters possible.


An earmold can be made anti-reflective on the surfaces facing the ear canal using a special sandblasting process. The result is a uniform, satin finished surface that does not reflect even in strong light, thus ensuring minimal visibility in the ear.

Cannot be ordered for thermo-flex (satin finished is standard here) and basic (here the matt surface does not allow any further anti-reflective coating).

bachmaier Otoplastiken folie | comfort | comfort basic

Premium BTE fitting

The original from bachmaier® combines a thin-walled design with incomparable momentum and a discreet look.

bachmaier Otoplastiken folie | comfort | comfort basic

Premium BTE fitting

The solution with solid ear canal convinces with flexibility and versatility – for all hearing losses.

bachmaier Otoplastiken folie | comfort | comfort basic
comfort basic

Basic BTE fitting

The high fitting accuracy in the usual comfort finish is combined with a cost-optimized surface.

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