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Heart beat
feel and hear.



Dawn. You listen. Silence. A quiet rustling. Followed by a dull roar. Heart palpitations. Respect. The appreciation of what nature can offer us. It smells of fir cones and damp earth. A last look through the binoculars ... you rely on your senses. You breathe in. You aim. There is only one attempt!

To ensure that you can always concentrate on what counts in those moments, we have developed the bachmaier® shooter.

The perfect companion for hunting | sports | industry | police & military operations.

like a lynx.

The bachmaier® shooter is made to measure exactly according to the impression of your ears and therefore fits perfectly: no falling out and no feeling of pressure! Thanks to the soft silicone and its small size, this hearing protection is so comfortable that you hardly feel it. Listen like a lynx – perceive the game earlier – locate it more successfully – reach your target more precisely. And that permanently without hearing damage.


This custom-made impulse hearing protection is equipped with highly developed, active electronics. This reduces loud, sudden noise peaks to a comfortable level that is harmless to the ear. With the CUSTOMFIT bachmaier® shooter you can hear all ambient noises both before and immediately after the shot at the usual volume. So you are immediately ready for use again – without any whistling in your ear.

shooter Datasheet

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Fits right in your ear!

All bachmaier® CUSTOMFIT products are precisely adapted to the shape of the ear using an impression. As a result, they are hardly noticeable and sit unobtrusively in the ear. The use of 100% biocompatible material guarantees a pleasant wearing comfort: no pressure, no sweating, no feeling of being closed off.

How do you get your custom hearing protection?

You can get your customized bachmaier® shooter at an acoustic specialist. Please enter your address below in our store locator to find a store near you. The acoustician will make an impression of your ears by carefully placing a skin-friendly silicone impression material in your ears. After 3-5 minutes, the hardened material is removed again and voilà: Your ear impression is ready!

Your noise protection is then produced and manufactured by us in Ramsau – the bachmaier® location in the Bavarian Alps.

Material Soft

Our 60 Shore silicone is flexible, soft and highly durable. You can choose from ten different colours to create your own combination. In addition to right and left marking, you have the option of having your name lasered onto the silicone.

Good to know

// 3 levels for selecting the environment volume
// Tested according to EN 352-2 + EN 352-7
// SNR-value: 24 dB

How much is a pair?

750,- € (RRP)

Store locator

You want to have your own bachmaier® shooter made? Here you will find all acoustic specialist shops that sell our products.

Do you have any questions?

Our team knows the answers!
Just send an e-mail to office@bachmaier.de!

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